Patterned Plywood Box #1

After experimenting with making patterned plywood, I was a bit stuck on what to do with it. The piece that I had was too small to make much with, but also very thick. I decided to split it and make a box!

Splitting the Plywood

I used the tablesaw and the bandsaw to cut my chunky piece of patterned plywood down the middle

Making the Box

I created a box using a piece of hardwood from the woodshop scrap pile - I used the table saw to cut pieces with an even width.

Next, I cut a small track close to the base of the same width as my split pattern plywood using the table saw.

Each piece of hardwood was given a mitre angle at each end, and I glued and clamped the box body together overnight. 

The next day, I used the table saw to cut a space to glue in a spline (badly, I will need to build a jig to do this more easily) 

The Lid

I cut two pieces of plywood to the size of the box interior, gave them an angle with the belt sander, and glued them to the bottom of another piece of split pattern plywood 

The Boxes

The boxes were a gift for my dad and his wife. I thought that the two made a really nice gift for a couple, as each lid is made out of the same patterned plywood, split down the middle, as is the bottom of the box. All of the sides were cut out of one big chunk of hardwood, so there is a two halves of the same whole symbolism to the pair.

Finishing Up

After gifting the boxes, we left them in the living room (in direct sunlight) and the plywood started to split!

We ordered some beeswax and some wood filler to fix the damage and fill the boxes. If anything, they look better than they did before the splitting!